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re-recording mixer ⚪ composer ⚪ producer
here are some of my proud projects.
Love, not for Ghosting
Dia Yang Dijanjikan
Iklan Layanan Masyarakat Vaksin - PMK
Allah Yang Kekal
Jingle Karawang Night Festival(Karnival)
Jingle Kidzlandia
Richs Bettercreme ads
MNSBDI Surabaya short movie "Milla"
Unilever - bumper ulination radio
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past projects

love never fails - matthew tejo

halusinasi - erich henoch

hymn of the hornbills - borneo hornbills

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bumper ulination radio - unilever indonesia



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richs bettercreme

PT taspen

bnpb nasional

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grab jatim

jual beli ok


Tunjukkan rasamu - marugame udon

Milla - idefest gm surabaya ok

MV - Drizzly

Konser kita satu - PT Freeport Indonesia

Your Heading

A glimpse of me

studied at Universitas Pelita Harapan since 2020 Conservatory of music, passionately producing, mixing, and composing music for ads, and even TV commercials.

what i do

bumper music
personalized intro or outro music for podcasts and videos to engage and captivate audiences
voice over
filling in any sort of voice overs for commercials, film, music, and lots of more.
movie scoring
Establishing the most appropriate atmosphere for a piece of videography that will maximize the audience's emotional response
jingle production
creating a memorable, well-designed audio that captures your company's identity
commercial ads
making customized music for your company's promotional needs
songwriting / production
Producing and writing custom made music, sounds, and sound design.

Your Heading

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